Child Neglect is a Form of Abuse

Abuse comes in many different forms. One of those forms is neglect. Daycare neglect can have effects on children that are every bit as bad as outright physical or sexual abuse. Unfortunately, this type of neglect tends to happen in some fairly predictable situations.

Home Daycare

Some parents decide to save money by bringing their child to someone’s private home, which functions as an unlicensed daycare. There is a big difference between having your one child babysat by someone privately—even a teenager—and bringing a child to a daycare that has many children and no licensed workers, appropriate insurance or even facilities. Those situations can quickly turn very dangerous for the children and, sometimes, they can be deadly.

Home daycare services may end up not having enough people around to take care of the children properly, which means that some of them will inevitably be neglected to some degree. Sometimes, abuse will start up and no one will catch it or do anything to stop it.

Overcrowded Daycares

Make sure that the daycare facility you go to doesn’t have too many children. Some providers will try to get as many children as they can and, in the process, they end up placing them all at risk of being neglected. In crowded daycare facilities, children may end up being bullied by other children, engaging in unsafe play and taking other risks that may well cause them real harm. If your daycare provider does not seem to have any limits on how many children they’ll take, you may want to find another provider.

Unqualified Staff

It’s not at all out of line to ask specific information about the staff at a daycare regarding their credentials. The ones who have impressive credentials certainly won’t mind telling you about them, as they know it puts their clients at ease. Make sure that the people who work at the daycare where you take your child are qualified to offer care at a professional level. There are some daycares that try to get by with underqualified personnel and the results are seldom good.

Contacting an Attorney

A good daycare abuse law firm should be able to provide you with assistance if you want to file a lawsuit against a negligent facility. If your child was neglected and they came to harm because of that neglect, filing a lawsuit could win you compensation. You’ll need to speak with an attorney to find out for sure.

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