2 Cases of Daycare Abuse in 1 Month

Two cases of daycare abuse in the past month shows just how prevalent this problem has become.

On March 28th a Jasper couple was arrested after a two-week-long investigation by Child Protective Services. Julie and George Block were arrested early Friday morning after being accused of tying a child up and suspending him over a trash dumpster.

The second incident happened in Deltona Florida. Rene Perez was arrested on April 2, after being accused of sexually abusing one of the children at his wife’s daycare. The business was immediately shut down. Volusia County shefiff’s investigators said that they had been investigating the case for three months, and apparently, there are recorded conversations of Perez claiming to having had a “moment of weakness” and admitting to abusing a 4 year old girl.

These incidents reinforce our belief that daycare center abuse is becoming a bigger and bigger problem. As more and more parents are leaving their children with these daycare providers, more and more children are being placed in potentially dangerous positions. It is not our belief that all daycare centers are dangerous. However, there must be tighter regulations enforcing who has access to our children.

Daycare abuse can happen anywhere and at any time, so it is important that you read our blog and become acquainted with the signs of daycare abuse. Also, make certain that you contact a daycare abuse attorney or call 1-877-403-9378 if you believe your child may have been abused.

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