3 Clues That Point to Daycare Abuse

Daycare providers play a very important role in many people’s lives these days. They are entrusted with the weighty responsibility of keeping our children safe. No one likes to consider the possibility that their children could be in harm’s way at daycare. For many parents, sending their child off to daycare can be trying at the best of times, but factor in the possibility of daycare abuse or neglect and the prospect becomes completely unsettling.

As in many cases, staying informed can be the best form of prevention. If you suspect that your child is facing a threat at daycare there are some important signs to watch out for.

  • Possibly the most obvious sign of a daycare abuse problem is a child’s sudden want to stay away from daycare altogether. If your child abruptly changes his attitude about attending daycare and puts up an unusual struggle when it is time to go, it is a good idea to thoroughly investigate the reason behind this fear.
  • Additionally, a swift change in a child’s disposition can also be an indicator of daycare abuse or daycare neglect. If your child becomes uncharacteristically quiet or clingy or begins to act out more than usual, then some further research is warranted.
  • Clearly if a child comes home with bruises or other evident signs of injury, then there is cause for concern about daycare neglect or abuse. Of course, not every suspicion will be confirmed, but if you should find that your child has been a victim of daycare abuse or daycare neglect there is action you can take. Please call us or complete the form below for a free evaluation of your case.
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One comment on “3 Clues That Point to Daycare Abuse
  1. Marcia Reagan says:

    I feel that another sign that something is wrong at daycare is when the child cries every single morning you drop them off. When a child starts at a new daycare, there will be a transition time; usually about two weeks. After that, there may be occasions of crying just because the child doesn’t want mom or day to go to work. But, overall, if the child is happy and comfortable with where you are leaving them every day, they should not cry while dropping them off. If they are crying every single morning, I feel you should look into why.

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