Iowa Daycare Abuse Lawyers

Iowa Day Care Abuse Lawyers

Has your child suffered abuse while attending a daycare facility in Iowa? Call us today at 1-877-403-9378 to discuss your legal options moving forward. Read more ›

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Owner of Miss Pepper’s Daycare in Waco Arrested for Child Abuse

Miss Pepper's Place Daycare Abuse Arrest

Pepper Jones, 37; Brittany Starr Hale, 30

WACO, TX (06/08/2017) — Waco police have arrested the owner of Miss Pepper’s Place Daycare, as well as one of her employees, for multiple felony charges following allegations of child abuse. Read more ›

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Parents File Child Abuse Lawsuit against Daycare Facility in Minnesota

Minnesota Daycare Abuse Lawsuit

Credit: KARE 11

RAMSEY, MN — The parents of a young girl have brought a lawsuit against the former owner of a daycare the child attended, based on claims that the child was subjected to physical and mental abuse. Read more ›

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Indiana Daycare Abuse Lawyers

Daycare Abuse Lawyer in Indiana

Unfortunately, daycare abuse is a growing problem in America. At the very least, it has become more visible. While we expect our children to be safe in these types of childcare settings, the truth is that parents and caregivers need to be alert and act on any suspicions of child abuse as soon as possible. Read more ›

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How to Choose the Best Daycare For Your Child

How to Find the Best Daycare Facility

Considering the number of news reports concerning child abuse committed in daycare facilities, choosing a good daycare center is absolutely crucial for you and your child. Read more ›

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Texas Daycare Worker Arrested after Slamming 4-YO to the Ground

SPRING, TX — A daycare worker is behind bars after he was caught on video slamming a 4-year-old girl to the ground last week at a daycare facility in Spring, Texas. Read more ›

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Daycare Abuse Lawyer in Utah

Utah Daycare Abuse Attorney

Was your child physically or sexually abused by a daycare worker in Utah? Please call us today at 1-877-403-9378 for a free consultation with our attorneys so that we can discuss your legal options moving forward. Read more ›

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Nevada Daycare Abuse Lawyer

Nevada Day Care Abuse Lawyer

Daycare abuse is becoming a serious problem across the country. As families become more career-minded with both parents in the workforce, the number of children in daycare increases. As more and more stories of children being abused by daycare providers make the news, parents are understandably concerned. Read more ›

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Daycares Drugging Children with Benadryl

Benadryl Daycare Drugging

Daycare abuse is a serious enough problem on its own, but when you add the practice of sedating children with Benadryl® (or other drugs/antihistamines), it becomes a much more-serious problem. Read more ›

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Iowa Daycare Provider Arrested for Felony Sex Abuse

Tawny Symonds Daycare Abuse

A 30-year-old Minnesota native has been arrested on child sex abuse charges. Tawny Symonds was arrested by Mason City police on the morning of December 21st, following a 10-month investigation into allegations of abuse harking back to February of this year. Read more ›

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