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Swaddling & Daycare Abuse

Swaddling is a dangerous (and in some states, illegal) practice used to immobilize small children during nap time.

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$13.5 Million Verdict in Daycare Abuse Lawsuit

A Minnesota family whose son was assaulted at a daycare center seven years ago finally got justice for their loved one after a jury overseeing a two week trial awarded the family $13.5 million in damages.

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Daycare Abuse by a Teacher

Abuse by a Teacher

Has your child been abused by a daycare teacher or instructor? Tell us about it for free and learn your legal options by calling 1-877-403-9378.

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Daycare Abuse By Another Child

Daycare Bullying by Another Child

Daycare abuse comes in many shapes and forms. However, one of the most overlooked forms of daycare abuse is the type that’s doled out by other kids. Bullying is a major issue in this country and it typically tends to

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Jacob’s Law

Jacob's Law & Daycare Abuse

Jacob’s Law is a piece of legislation in Minnesota named after a child who was a victim of sexual assault (outside the family) when visiting his father in 2005. The situation was compounded because of his parent’s divorce, meaning that

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College Station Daycare Shut Down By Authorities

Daycare Shut Down

A College Station, Texas daycare and preschool center was recently shut down by authorities citing non-compliance of standards. Discoveryland Daycare, a popular daycare center in the community had its license revoked after only 6 months of operation.

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The Director’s Role in a Daycare Abuse Claim

Daycare Director & Daycare Abuse

One of the most difficult jobs for a daycare director is likely that of being forced to answer to allegations of child abuse caused by a staff member. No matter how unpleasant you feel the task may be, state law

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Daycare Abuse: A Growing Problem in Texas

When a child is abused, they are likely to face long-term physical, societal, behavioral, and psychological effects. If you believe your child has suffered abuse while in the care of a daycare provider or worker, speak with your spouse or

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Best Methods for Preventing Injuries in Day Care Centers

Child care providers understand the very nature of children lead them into situations that can lead to the risk of various degrees of injury. Children who exhibit behavioral issues that are difficult to manage are more likely to suffer injuries

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Daycare Abuse: a Growing Problem Nationwide

There is a huge problem occurring throughout the United States concerning abuse in daycare centers. It’s enough to make many parents leery of sending their children to daycare in spite of the fact there is a necessity today for two

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