Center for Disabled Children Closes Following Investigation

When 5-year-old Anyah Raven Glossinger drowned during a hydrotherapy session while under the care of the United Cerebral Palsy Dennis James Center in January, three of the center’s employees were supervising her time in the indoor pool. While negligence has not been determined to have played a role in the young autistic child’s untimely death, an investigation of the center has uncovered several other health and safety violations.

According to the public report, seven staff members did not meet training and educational background requirements to be teachers in a child care center, and the facility did not employ a qualifed director. Additionally, the report alleges that no criminal clearances were obtained for 10 of the staff members before their employment, and the facility failed to provide the care and supervision necessary to meet Anyah’s needs on the day of her death.

How do we know that we can trust our child care providers? What about when we have special needs children – can we be assured their needs are being met? If you suspect your child may be the victim of neglect or abuse in a day care environment, contact a day care abuse attorney immediately.

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