Daycare Abuse and Finding Help

If you suspect that your child is the victim of daycare abuse, you’ll have to know where to turn for help. This is obviously going to be a sensitive issue, so it’s important that you choose people who have experience dealing with children, and who have experience dealing with children in situations that are potentially embarrassing and sometimes traumatizing. This means child counselors, psychologists, doctors and other professionals.

Other Parents

Other parents at the daycare where you brought your child may have had their child victimized. The other parents may not have any particular expertise in working with children beyond being parents, but they may be able to help you find people who can help your child. It’s a good idea to talk to other parents to see if they can offer you some sort of assistance in this regard. They may know a good counselor or another resource that they can recommend you look into.

Advocacy Organizations

There are plenty of organizations out there that work with children who are abused or who work on their behalf through the political system. Be sure to seek these organizations out. They may be able to help you by pointing you toward good local resources or by providing you with generalized information that may be useful for your case.

Law Enforcement

If a crime has been committed, law enforcement will be principally concerned with making sure that the parties who committed it are prosecuted. They may, however, be able to help you by providing you with access to resources such as counselors, so be sure to ask if you have any contact with them. If your child was abused and they need your child’s information for the case, you may get further assistance from these officials.


A preschool abuse lawyer can help you to seek compensation for your child. The pain and suffering and possible physical and psychological harm they have suffered should not be things that the family has to face alone. The law enforcement agencies will take care of the criminal aspects of the abuse, but it’s up to the parents themselves to seek out a lawyer if they want to sue over preschool abuse or daycare abuse. These lawsuits are designed to help the family itself, so it’s a good idea to seek out the services of a qualified attorney if your child has been abused in daycare or preschool.

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