Daycare Abuse at Kid Co Child Care Center in Greenwood Indiana

The state of Indiana has tried to shut down Kid Co. Child Care Center due to recent allegations of abuse and neglect, but thanks to appeals, they’re having a hard time doing so.

Daycare Abuse Lawyer

Daycare Abuse Allegations

Indiana revoked the license of the daycare not once, but twice, due to the daycare’s history of negative encounters with its children.  It was reported that a Kid Co. Child Care employee allowed children to engage in fighting on several occasions. There are also reports of employees using profanity in front of children, the building’s electricity being turned off at one point, and “cruel, harsh or unusual discipline” on at least five occasions. There was also reportedly video of a teacher “laughing at the boys that were engaged in the fight and used inappropriate comments.”

It has also come out that a teacher dragged a child by both of his legs from the hallway to the classroom, a teacher kicked a child, and multiple teachers used “harsh physical punishment and cruel verbal language with a child.”

If you have children in a daycare facility, I highly recommend you take this opportunity to talk with your child about how they are being treated. With Texas ranking LAST place in the nation for daycare abuse rates, you can never be too careful.

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