Daycare Abuse? Take These Steps NOW!

If you believe that your child is the victim of abuse in daycare, you need to take measures to document it so that you have a better case for both the authorities and for your lawyer if you opt to make a claim for damages after the fact. One of the advantages of doing this is that, if you’re not exactly sure whether or not there is cause to believe that abuse is taking place at the facility, having a source of documented information may persuade you one way or the other and encourage you to take action in the appropriate manner.

Write it Down

Every time you suspect something may be wrong with your child and that it may have something to do with a daycare facility at which they spend their time, go ahead and write it down. It doesn’t matter if it is something minor, such as cuts and bruises from play, or if it is something major, such as a mark that seems to indicate that the child was pushed or shoved by a staff member. Write it down and keep it in a notebook. If you truly suspect that something is going on, take a look at the notebook and see how frequently you had suspicions and whether or not they indicate that something serious may be going on.

Talk to Your Child

Talking to your child is an excellent way to get some insight as to what goes on at the daycare facility. Ask for the names of the people who they interact with during the day and how they feel about them. Make sure to write this down, as well. If they have a particular fondness for one of the staff members, make an effort to talk to that staff member when you show up at the facility and see if you can get any information from them simply by talking to them if you have suspicions that the other staff members may not be up to snuff.


Signs of physical abuse should always be documented by a doctor. This is the best way to make sure that any law enforcement authorities have the information and evidence they need if they decide to go after the facility and that your lawyer has documentation if you decide to press a lawsuit with a  daycare abuse attorney. Good documentation is always an advantage when you’re dealing with negligence in a daycare setting.

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