Daycare Insurance: What Happens When Your Child is Injured at Daycare

We’re all familiar with this story: something bad happens, but we think to ourselves “it’s okay, they’re insured,” then the insurance company comes up with some excuse as to why they aren’t going to help, then things become either a battle royale or we go softly in the night, uncompensated for the bad event. Such was the case of Asia Jones’ family.

Asia was two years-old when she was forgotten in a daycare van one hot afternoon. She had died before she was found, still strapped in the seat. Since then, her family has been trying to recover for the loss of their daughter, and until today, the family has been fairly unsuccessful.

A daycare facility itself has few resources and a situation like this not only results in criminal charges and licensing revocations, it usually also results in bankruptcy as well. Which is why daycare facilities (well, really any individual or business for that matter) carry insurance – the “just in case” something bad happens. Today marks a turn for Asia Jones’ family: a court today announced that the insurance company who provided insurance to the daycare can be held responsible for the family’s loss. After all, that’s what insurance is for!

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