Daycare Owner Shakes and Injures 7-month-old

A 7-month-old baby suffered abuse head trauma in his second day at the My Home Away From Home daycare in Michigan. State licensing agencies are reviewing the March 4 incident, but it is expected that owner Shannon Renee Jacob will be charged with first-degree child abuse for shaking and injuring the child.

The mother was called during the day because the child had thrown up, but when she picked her son up at the end of the day, it was clear there was something seriously wrong and she took the baby to the hospital. The local news story said an expert at the hospital said the injury was caused at the daycare that day. The baby is apparently doing better, but Jacob’s operating license has been suspended and parents are asked to not take their kids to the daycare while the investigation is underway. There had been no other complaints or issues at the facility in the past.

So how do we know? How do we know our child won’t be the first to be abused at a daycare? Talk to your kids and if you suspect they have been abused or neglected while at daycare, contact a Daycare Abuse Attorney online or call 1-877-403-9378.

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