Getting Counseling for the Victims of Daycare Abuse

The victims of daycare abuse who suffer the most, of course, are the children. To make sure that they have the copings skills, self-esteem and other features of a healthy psychology that enable them to recover, parents will oftentimes need to bring them to counseling. This is a vital part of recovery and there are several reasons that you should consider it for your child if they’ve been victimized at an abusive daycare facility.


Children and adults react to abuse in surprisingly similar ways. Children will cover up how they feel, lash out because of anger that they’re holding inside and exhibit other habits that you’d expect out of an adult that was the victim of abuse. To make sure that they get over these habits and develop healthy skills to heal from the pain, counseling can help.

Counselors who work with children are generally very skilled at what they do. They also have the advantage of not being the child’s parent, which means that the child is, in many ways, more likely to open up to the counselor. There’s no risk of getting in trouble with, disappointing or otherwise offending the counselor and, for that reason, children oftentimes will open up to them in ways that they just can’t with their parents. This is an important part of hearing. Healing from abuse starts with acknowledging that it happened and that is sometimes the hardest thing for children to do.

The Future

Counselors also fulfill a vital role for socialization for a child who has been abused. By being compassionate, concerned and helpful, they’re helping the child to realize that not every adult is a treat or a liar, as is the case with abusers. The child will be able to have confidence that some adults are out there to help them based on their experience with the counselor and that can be a huge part of healing from the abuse and moving on.

There are other advantages to sending a child to counseling to help them get over abuse, as well, and parents would do well to consider this step for their child so that the whole family can recover from the abuse faster.

Paying for counseling can be expensive. Contact a daycare abuse lawyer to see if you can file a lawsuit and if you may win compensation for the daycare child abuse that your child endured.

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