Hot Fun in the Summertime

As the weather warms up and kids gear up for summer, parents should be preparing as well. Before your child goes to summer camp, parents have the somber responsibility of making sure their child does not become the latest victim of child abuse or child neglect. There are various forms of child abuse – emotional, physical, sexual, and neglect. These different abusive situations can injure a child for the rest of their lives. Our tips:

  • Parents should always remember to inform their children and take the proper precautions before sending a child to camp.
  • Parents should teach their children the appropriate and inappropriate places a counselor may touch a child while also teaching them the proper ways a counselor may act.
  • Parent should ensure the camp is accredited. Many camps are not accredited and do not fit the standards of how a camp should be run. “Anybody can use the word ‘camp,” Dr. Edward Walton, a member of the American Camp Association, confirmed, “and that’s why parents really need to be careful.”
  • Parents should research and compile a plethora of notes before sending their children to any camp. Parents who wish to research summer camps can start at the American Camp Association where they can ‘find a camp’ to make sure the camp you choose fits your child the best. Additionally, American Camp Association gives helpful tips on maximizing the camp experience, developmental milestones, and fostering better parent-child relationships.
  • Also check the State Regulations Database which informs parents on the state’s requirements for camps.

Happy camping this summer – and keep us up-to-date with your summer camp plans and photos!

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