How Do Daycare Abusers Avoid Detection?

Daycare abuse oftentimes goes on for a very long time before anyone becomes aware of it. A daycare abuser is a combination of some of the worst characters in society. Part bully, part predator, part sadist and part confidence player, they understand how to manipulate a situation to make sure that they get away with their abuses for a long time. Here are some ways you can make sure you don’t fall prey to their scams.

How Dare You!

One of the abuser’s most important tools is the fact that good people do not want to accuse others of being bad people. This works for everyone from embezzlers to the most vicious types of abusers. If you suspect that someone is abusing the children at a daycare, you have to get it through your head that, given that you have good reason to suspect as much, the children are relying on you to not be afraid.

No One Else Thinks This

Talk to other parents. Abusers are masters at making people feel isolated, even the parents of the children they’re abusing. They may go out of their way to keep a good public face with other parents to make sure you feel inappropriate for even suspecting anything, much less acting on those suspicions. Popularity is not a good way to judge trustworthiness.


This is called an appeal to authority and it makes no difference when answering an unrelated question. Years of experience and a wall full of certifications do not mean that someone is not abusive. Don’t let someone intimidate you with their credentials.

Getting Real Qualifications

If you need help addressing such a situation, your family physician, counselors and law enforcement are all good places to turn. They’re not going to be intimidated out of acting if they see evidence of abuse. Be sure to lean on the people who are there to help you, including other parents at the facility, if you think something is wrong.

If daycare negligence is discovered at a facility, speak with an attorney. You don’t have to threaten the facility with a lawsuit first and, in fact, it’s probably best if you get your child out and just talk to a daycare abuse law firm about the matter. They will most certainly not be intimidated out of representing you and helping you to seek compensation for your child’s pain and suffering, as well as any expenses you incurred.

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