How Do Investigators Discover Daycare Abuse?

If daycare abuse is going on at a facility, it’s up to the parents or the facility staff to report it. The children that are being abused are oftentimes intimidated into saying nothing about the abuse and that can mean that the abusers get away with their crimes for an extended period of time. When abuse is suspected to be going on, there are several different tools that law enforcement can use to root it out.

Hidden Surveillance

Cameras and other equipment might be installed to monitor the situation at the daycare. Daycare facilities are increasingly using these devices themselves as a way to keep children safe. The evidence gathered from surveillance equipment can be used as evidence against the abusers and that allows law enforcement to ensure that the problem is taken care of.


Law enforcement investigators may interview staff members and parents to get more information. In the 1980s and 90s, there was a great deal of controversy about interviewing children. The techniques that investigators were using were found to be flawed and to have resulted in instances where children made outrageous accusations against people simply to gain the approval of the people interviewing them. Law enforcement today uses different techniques that help them to get to the truth without inadvertently influencing the child’s answers.

Forensic Evidence

If a child is known to be a victim of abuse, the law enforcement agency responsible for investigating the claim may want to have them examined by a doctor. The doctor can document the abuse and make sure that the evidence is handled correctly. If you discover the signs of abuse on your child, contacting a doctor is highly advisable. Not only will they be able to document the evidence properly, they’ll be able to treat the injuries properly and to ensure the best recovery possible.

After the Abuse

After the daycare child abuse has been stopped, consider contacting a daycare abuse lawyer. These professionals can make sure that you have the best possible chance of getting compensation for your child’s pain and suffering and for any injuries that they’ve suffered. The attorney will be able to help you by preparing you for court or, if the facility offers a settlement, to negotiate it with them so that you get an acceptable sum in exchange for not taking them to court, which also spares you the expense of going to a jury trial.

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