Is Daycare Contributing to Childhood Obesity?

There is so much nutritional information available these days. It is difficult to be aware of it and to incorporate at least some of it into our daily eating habits. For parents, it is particularly important to integrate good eating habits to set children off on the right foot. Childhood obesity has become such a significant problem, especially in North America, that it is best to start good habits as soon as possible.In recent years, many improvements have been made to food served in schools, and parents have control over the food at home, but what is happening with the young children in daycare? If a child is regularly fed unhealthy foods early on, she will have poor eating habits set in place before even beginning school. This neglect of children’s nutrition is a form of daycare abuse and should be taken seriously.

When one considers the statistics the numbers are quite shocking. A recent study showed that almost one in every five 4 year olds is already obese and nearly three quarters of kids 2 to 5 years old spend some of the day in daycare. Some states have started enforcing healthy eating for kids by adding new regulations for daycares. It is a start, but is relatively slow going so far.

Good nutrition and physical activity need to be implemented very early on for optimum health and habits. Of course, many daycares are attentive to children’s nutrition and activity requirements, but there are some that fall short. If your child has been affected by this sort of daycare neglect, we can offer you a free assessment of your case. Just complete our form. We are knowledgeable in this area and can advise you of your options.

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