Llano Daycare Investigated After Child Suffers Bite Wounds

LLANO, TX (08/31/2015) – A daycare center (Lil Jackets Learning Center) in Llano, Texas is under investigation after an 18-month-old child suffered multiple scratches and bite wounds on Monday.

18-month-old Casey Gass

According to the child’s parents, Randi Grounds and Keegan Gass, their son Casey Gass┬áhad come home with scratches or bite marks for the past week straight. They say they tried talking to the daycare workers about the injuries, but when his mother picked him up from the day care on Monday, it was obvious that the abuse had gotten worse.

Grounds says that she found 10 bite marks and scratches on Casey’s face and arms.

Llano police and state investigators are now looking into the matter.

While the daycare center claims they did nothing wrong, any reasonable person would assume that adequate supervision could have prevented such repeated injuries.

The director of Lil Jackets Learning Center says they’re now handing our phamplets discussing “why children bite.”

The day care center also posted a letter on their door, which began with “We had a very unhappy parent posting pictures on FB.”

“It’s not the kid’s fault, it’s the supervision. Apparently if he got bit 10 times in one day, then there is no supervision,” said Grounds.

Randi Grounds and her husband Keegan Gass tell KVUE that they have pulled Casey from the daycare, but do not know what they will do next.

What a terrible situation for the child and his parents. As a daycare abuse lawyer, I for one hope that the Texas Department of Health and Human Services at least temporarily closes the daycare center while a FULL investigation is performed.

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