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Man Convicted of Sexual Battery on Child Found Working at a Church-Run Daycare

A Cobb County man is currently facing backlash due to a previous child sexual abuse charge, which didn’t stop him from being hired at a church-run daycare program in Georgia.

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How to Choose the Best Daycare For Your Child

Considering the number of news reports concerning child abuse committed in daycare facilities, choosing a good daycare center is absolutely crucial for you and your child.

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Choosing a Preschool Abuse Attorney

When you contact a preschool abuse law firm, you’re putting a lot of trust in them. Obviously, this is one of the most sensitive situations imaginable. Clients who visit attorneys for the first time are usually a little bit nervous

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Daycare Abuse Attorneys and Choosing One

Finding a good daycare abuse attorney is a move that you want to consider carefully. You need to make sure that the attorney you choose is compassionate and capable.

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3 Ways to Endanger Your Child When Choosing a Daycare

Unfortunately, there are many instances of daycare child abuse where the entire situation could’ve been avoided. Here are three things you can watch out for to make sure that you’re not setting up a situation where it is likely that your child may be abused at their daycare facility.

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Choosing a Texas Daycare Abuse Law Firm

A daycare abuse law firm has to be chosen carefully. The main criterion you’ll want to concern yourself with, of course, is their experience.

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