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What is Considered “Abuse?”

A daycare center should be a safe haven where you can leave your child with experienced and qualified minders for a certain period of time to attend to your busy schedule. While this is almost always the case, there are

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Child Spanked at Daycare?

When a parent leaves their child at a daycare facility, absolute trust in the company and their employees is given by the legal guardian of the child.  However, that trust is betrayed when a child is punished by means of

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Multiple Injuries Can Signal Daycare Abuse

If you have a child enrolled in a daycare facility and they have a pattern of being injured at that facility, you may want to consider whether there is daycare abuse going on. There are some signs that you can

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How Did My Child’s Daycare Abuse Go Unnoticed?

In far too many cases, daycare abuse goes on for a long time without anyone noticing it. In retrospect, there are oftentimes signs that it was going on and parents, because they do have very strong instincts to protect their children, realize that they had been concerned for some time. There are some common ways that parents end up ignoring warning signs and, by watching out for them, you can ensure that abuse is discovered and stopped before it becomes chronic.

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