What Types of Discipline are Accepted at Daycare?

Discipline at a daycare center can be a very touchy subject. After all, many daycare centers are privately owned commercial businesses. A large percentage of parents are not too pleased with the implication that they may be paying a company to abuse their children. Just how prevalent is daycare abuse?

The Child Welfare Information Gateway reports that in 2004 an estimated 1,490 children died from abuse or neglect. Furthermore, 794,000 children were found to be victims of child abuse or neglect in 2007. One of the most problematic issues to consider in daycare abuse is the difference between physical violence and the rights of parents or staff members to use corporal punishment. Many daycare centers, especially the commercial centers, will not even risk allowing corporal punishment out of fear of a lawsuit for daycare abuse or at the very least upsetting their clients.

This issue may seem more complicated than it really is. Catherine M. Pruissen, the CEO of About Child Care Consumer Services, published a list of acceptable punishment for disciplining children from the perspective of a “provider.” She states that it’s important to set “reasonable, clear rules, deal reasonably with broken rules and be a good model.” She further clarified that staff members should not attempt to “hurt” children, emotionally or physically, which also takes into account the idea of hurting “things” and even “hurting one’s self.” Discipline at daycare center should not include any punishment that is considered “cruel, harsh, or unusual.” She lastly states that parents should talk to their child about the discipline at the daycare dispensed and bring up any unsatisfactory conditions with a caregiver. Cruel and unusual punishment doesn’t belong in a daycare center.

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