Abused Child in Atlanta Case Gives Example of Abuse Signs

A recent arrest in Atlanta gives a good indication of what makes law enforcement officials suspect that abuse is going on at a daycare facility. This is good information for the parents of children who suspect that their child may be being abused to take in.

According to WSBTV.com, a daycare worker was arrested on August 5, 2011 on allegations of abuse. The alleged abuse was perpetrated against a five-year-old boy. In the story, the mother described seeing “bruises, blood blisters and fingernail scratches” all over the child’s body. If this sounds very similar to the types of injuries you’d see on an adult who has been the victim of physical abuse to you, you’re exactly correct.

Stopping the Abuse

In this particular instance, the Atlanta police filed a battery charge. The incident has already launched several different investigations into what went on. This situation has several different lessons to teach parents. Whether or not abuse was actually going on at the daycare, the parents did handle the situation correctly, at least according to the reports.

Report Right Away

Whenever you suspect that a child has been abused, it’s best to report it right away. If you’re uncertain, you can always visit a doctor and have them take a look at the injuries, which you should do anyway. It’s best if the authorities are notified immediately in situations where any sort of abuse against a child is suspected. Abusers oftentimes get away with their crimes because people are too timid to act on their instincts or they doubt their instincts altogether. This benefits nobody but the abuser in far too many cases.

Whenever abuse is reported at a daycare, there’s always the issue of whether the daycare facility was negligent in letting it go on. This is not always the case. There are some cases where the daycare center was not negligent and where nothing they could have done could’ve prevented the abuse. However, there are cases where the daycare facility should and could have acted sooner and the abuse could’ve been prevented.

A daycare abuse attorney can help you determine whether or not it is worth it for you to file a lawsuit against the daycare facility where your child is abused. Daycare child abuse is a serious problem and parents you have the legal option of going after the owners of the facility for damages if they were negligent in the care your child.

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