Handling Suspicions About Abuse in Daycare

Abuse in daycare always makes big waves in the media. This can sometimes make it seem a bit more common than it actually is, but it seldom exaggerates the impact of incidences where children are abused at these facilities. One of the most delicate times is when you suspect that there may be abuse going on but you’re not sure. The wrong thing to do is to fly off the handle and do something rash. If there is abuse going on, it’s much better if authorities are the first ones to intervene.

If you suspect that daycare child abuse is going on, the first thing you do will have to be dictated by the circumstances under which you discover the abuse. For instance, if you discover suspicious bruising or other physical signs of abuse, you need to visit a doctor so that it can be documented properly. This will be imperative if a case is brought later on. If your child is having psychological disturbances that may be related to the abuse, you’ll have to react to them appropriately. This can be overwhelming, obviously, and emotionally very harrowing. Talking to other parents at the facility is a good idea in all cases.

Because children are at risk in these situations, the authorities have to be involved. One small bit of hope in all of this is that daycare facilities themselves are, for the most part, very much on the lookout for any type of abuse. While there are daycare facilities out there that are nothing more than nightmares waiting to happen, most are very professional, reputable and run by people who actually love working with children. However, if they fail to stop abuse from occurring on their watch, all the good intentions in the world really do nothing to make up for that failure.

If a nursing home has been negligent toward, neglected or has visited abuse on your child outright, contacting an attorney may be a way for you to get compensation. When it’s all said and done, businesses are still liable for any negligence on their part and the families and the victims do have a right to have their case heard. There’s no way to ensure that a case will win. Meeting with a lawyer, however, is the first step in determining if you have a good case on your hands.

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