Horrible Case of Daycare Abuse in Lynchburg

Another horrible case of daycare abuse is coming across the wires. Lakisha Dickerson got a troubling phone call two weeks after placing her baby in home-based child care. Latanya Murphy, the provider, told Dickerson that there was something terribly wrong with her infant.

“She was lying there not moving, not crying,” Dickerson said in court on Monday. Latanya Murphy is being charged with two counts of child abuse, which are felonies that can carry as much as 10 years in prison. Lynchburg General Hospital forensic nurses who examined the babies gave enough evidence against Murphy to send her case to the city’s grand jury. Dickerson said that Murphy had been taking care of her baby for about two weeks when she got a call on April 14. After taking her baby to Lynchburg General Hospital, a CT scan revealed that the child’s brain was bleeding. Doctor’s also found bleeding behind the baby’s eyes.

Murphy faces 2 to 10 years on each charge of child abuse if if she is convicted. The next grand jury will be meeting on September 8. She is currently out on $5,000 bond.

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