Profiling A Typical Child Sexual Abuser

While there isn’t a single personality profile that fits perfectly to all perpetrators of one particular type of crime, criminologists and personality psychologists will tell you that there are several factors that might be similar in those who commit certain offenses. Most often, the perpetrators of sexual crimes against children are males ranging in age from adolescence to middle age. Of the known abusers, men outnumber women at a ratio of about 8 to 1, though many abusers are unknown. As many as 1/3 of abusers are in some variety of substance abuse relationship and most often, the abuser is someone who the victim knows.

Within families, the most frequent molesters are fathers, step-fathers, uncles, cousins and brothers. In a large group setting (such as a daycare), females are more likely than boys to be molested. Many cases of father-child incest appear to be a reaction to stress and loss that threaten the father’s masculinity, while other cases have been identified as an expression of rage.

A child molester can be categorized into three sub groups, based on the motivations behind their particular crimes. The first group is made up of pedophiles, which are people who are attracted to children sexually. They often seduce children with attention and gifts. A second group is made up of child haters-sociopaths. Their motivation is typically associated with a position of power. The final group is made up of those who attempt to profit from child pornography or prostitution.

It is vitally important that you conduct your proper research when looking for a daycare Perform background checks on the providers and request references. If you have even a shadow of a doubt about the provider, do not use them. Your child’s safety is not worth the risk.

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